The Guntur Diocese Social Service and Welfare Society (GDSS & WS)

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About the Organisation

The Guntur Diocese Social Service & Welfare Society (GDSS&WS) is a social service organ of the Catholic Diocese of Guntur. The Guntur Diocese Social Service and Welfare Society was registered under the Society’s Registration Act with the registration number 190 on 7th December, 1976. It is committed for the development of the socially marginalized communities and Backward Class communities. To be more relevant in the approach we divided our projects into 8 sectors according to its characteristic nature of addressing the concerns of the poor. They are categorised as follows: i) SUVIDYA - Educational support for poor children to access quality education, ii) SRAMIKA VIDYA - Livelihood skills/Non-Formal Education for youth for employability, iii) DIOCESE CHEYUTHA - Vocational training and Income Generation activities for the disabled for self-support, iv) AROGAYA SURAKSHA - Health and allied projects for healthy and happy living, v) SWACHH DIOCESE - Promotion of health, hygiene and sanitation, vi) ANANDA NILAYAM - Strong shelters for the homeless, vii) JEEVA JALADARA - Safe protected drinking water to safeguard from water WASH diseases, viii) APATHAKALA SAHAYATHA - Emergency assistance in the face of calamities.

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Organisational Set up

To institutionalize this grass root orientation, the GDSSWS works through its 85 parishes or local units covering more than 729 villages in the district, spread over the total 57 Mandals in the 4 revenue divisions. Each parish consists of a cluster of 7 to 8 villages, including their hamlets and Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribe locations. The parish priest is appointed president and resides in the area. He constitutes a local committee of community leaders, who are the elected representatives of the gram panchayats as well as the people affected, women, youth, professionals available in the area, teachers, bank officials, government servants. This committee also interacts with the on-going state sponsored development programs and agencies at the Mandal and Gram Panchayat levels.

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Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan

VISION: To empower the poor Urban and Rural communities the schedule castes, schedule tribes and backward class, irrespe…

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Our Policies

Human Resource Policy, Finance Policy Gender Policy, Child Policy, Education Policy

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SWOT Analysis of GDSS & WS

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